NIIT University

Place of Implementation

  • Neemrana, District Alwar, Rajasthan
  • Year of Implementation

    2009 onwards

    About the initiative

    NIIT University, established on the principles of Seamlessness and Sustainability, is an exemplar of ecological resurrection. Neemrana being a water deficient zone, concerted efforts have been made to maintain a ‘Zero Waste’ Campus, promote conservation of water, energy and other resources by constantly enhancing efficiency through improved technology and innovation.

    Key features

  • Construction of 15 check dams through local administration support on slopes of Aravalli Hills to harvest rainwater and prevent soil erosion
  • Construction of Water Recharge Wells for rain and run-off water harvesting, recycling of wastewater and use of efficient watering system to conserve water and restore water table
  • Creating own nursery of local species, continuous afforestation of almost 1.5 lakh trees, both inside and outside the Campus (Aravalli Hills), over last 12 years
  • Working together with and motivating local community, schools and industries about measures for climate action, plantation and protection of trees, water conservation and solid waste management
  • Project to revive 300 kms long Sabi River (Sikar District, Rajasthan to Yamuna River, Delhi), which had gone dry over last 25 -30 years, with the guidance of Dr Rajendra Singh (waterman of India) and support of riverbank community and the Govt
  • Outcomes

  • Water table restoration which benefits entire Neemrana community located downstream of the Campus
  • Combating desertification and prevention of ‘lethal heat wave’
  • Considerable improvement in AQI, impacted by increase in tree cover and growing biodiversity, achieving 210 ppm CO2 against accepted standard of 400 ppm (IHBC/ISHRAE norms)
  • Flow of water in Sabi River at Masani Barrage over last three years
  • Sustainability Measure

  • Water conservation and recharge
  • Wastewater recycling
  • Concerted afforestation on Aravalli Hills
  • Community awareness
  • Solid waste management
  • Project to revive dry Sabi River