Application Process

The TERI-IWA Water Sustainability Awards will follow the below mentioned process:

1. Registration

Applicant organization/company will register by providing basic information about the applicant, organization, organization type and contact details on the Registration link. The unique login credentials will be then sent to the applicant’s email ID (used for registration).

2. Application Submission and Fee

After registration, the applicant can directly move to fill out the application or come back to it through the ‘Dashboard’ option. Once the application has been submitted, you cannot go back and make changes to your application.

At the beginning of the application, the applicant must select the category of award in which he/she wishes to apply. In case the applicant wants to apply in multiple categories of awards, separate fee is to be paid. The fee details are provided in the subsequent sections.

Structure of the Application
The applicant must complete all sections in order to submit his/ her application. Also, kindly note that you are required to submit one set of hard copy of the application form, along with all the supporting documents addressing to the Organizing Secretary, Water Sustainability Awards, The Energy & Resources Institute (TERI), 6C, Darbari Seth Block, India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi - 110003 India.

Section A: General Information
  • Brief description of the organization
  • Previous recognition for project/ initiative
Section B: Project Details
Please note that this is section requires details, photo and video proofs, quantitative data, articles/ publications, documentation proofs, etc. to corroborate your answers. Please ensure to attach the necessary documents as and where applicable.
  • Brief description of your work/ initiative, current status, focus area, etc.
  • Details about project- approach, benefits accrued, expenditure, replicability, dissemination of knowledge, etc.
Section C: Experience and Expectations
  • Work experience in the sector
  • Alignment of work with SDGs
  • Outlook on winning the award, etc.
Section D: Application Fee

The application fee is categorized into four different bands based on the ‘type’ of organization. The applicants must identify themselves as any of the below mentioned ‘type’ of organization. In case the applicant wants to apply in multiple categories of awards, separate fee is to be paid.

Method of Payment: Online payment gateway.

Please note that it is mandatory to pay the application fees. Failure to do so will result in the automatic rejection of your application. Also, kindly note that this fee is non-refundable under any circumstances.

Given below are the fee details, divided into four categories based on your organization type.

S.No. Type of Organization Categories Payment
1 Non-profit Organisation/Non-Governmental Organization Category 1 Rs. 5000/- + 18% GST, as applicable
2 Community/ Village Committees /Village Panchayats
3 Academic & Research Organization
4 Organized Colonies / Resident Welfare Associations Category 2 Rs. 15000/- +18% GST, as applicable
5 Water User Associations (WUAs)
6 Municipal Boards
7 Irrigation Boards
8 MSME (As per GOI norms) Category 3 Rs. 25000/- +18% GST, as applicable
9 Bilateral and Multilateral Organizations
10 Private Limited Companies Category 4 Rs. 50000/- +18% GST, as applicable
11 Public Sector Undertakings (PSU)
12 Large Industries (As per GOI norms)
13 Housing Construction Companies

3. Evaluation

The evaluation process will take place in two stages: An internal committee will carry out a first eligibility screening to ensure that applications fulfill the necessary criteria requirements, followed by verification of projects/ initiatives through field visits, submitted proofs, etc. The external committee will review the application based on set criteria as mentioned in the 'Assessment Criteria’ section. Recommendations made by the internal and external committee will be processed by the Steering Committee. The TERI-IWA Water Sustainability Awards winners will then be announced on the webpage as well as through personal correspondence with the winners.

4. Awards Ceremony

The awards will be held in New Delhi to recognize the Award-winning organization/ bodies/ industries. It will be a non-monetary award, wherein, each winner will be given a plaque and a recognition certificate for extraordinary efforts in the water sector. A total of 14 awards will be conferred, one for each category/ sub-category.